- Pneumatic Winch

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It has a classic design and construction, consisting of a motor, planetary reducer and drum. Maximum capacity can be up to 70 tons.
Standard features:

  • planetary reducer;
  • aluminum brakes equipped motor, IP44, 400 Vac / 50 Hz (440 Vac / 60 Hz), triphasic;
  • hydraulic motor with brake system;
  • pneumatic drive motor with control valve;
  • steel drum with a wire rope restraint system on the side flange;
  • two mounts for the drum.

Optional features:

  • IP56 electric motor with cast iron housing, for maritime applications;
  • explosion proof engine protection;
  • brakes on drum;
  • alternating speeds;
  • alternating power voltages;
  • drum protection;
  • threaded wire rope drum;
  • manual handling system in case of emergency;
  • different drum sizes;
  • painted for maritime use.

Optional control systems:

  • IP55 protection class command unit with operating buttons and emergency stop, according to NEN 1010;
  • IP65 protection class remote control unit for low voltages, according to NEN 1010;
  • radio / infrared remote control unit;
  • load limiter (mandatory required for loads exceeding 1 ton, in accordance with the CE regulations);
  • frequency inverter for variable speed control;
  • stroke limiter (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic);
  • damaged wire warning (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic);
  • speed control valve, local or remotely operated (hydraulic or pneumatic).
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