- Permanent Magnetic Lifter

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It is used to lift and manipulate steel plates or cylindrical parts made of ferrous materials without lifting lugs.

The magnet generates a high, stable magnetic field, thus alowing the lifting of the magnetized item. It is manufactured of NdFeB.
When the magnet is switched ON, the part of the magnet that makes contact with the handled load generates a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, evenly distributed all over the topside of the load.

Main features:

  • low operating costs;
  • high level of safety and reliability;
  • without residual magnetism;
  • extended lifting capacity, even if there might appear less than 0.5 mm wide clearances or air gaps between the magnet and the surface of the load;
  • the safety factor is 3.5:1.

Note: Use permanent magnetic lifters with working load limits as close as possible to the mass of the load in order to avoid any potential residual magnetism.

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