- Flemish Eye Type Wire Rope Slings

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When making a Flemish Eye wire rope sling it is recommended to use 6x19 or 6x36 with Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) wire ropes.
The Flemish Eye wire rope slings are suitable to be used between -60°C and +400°C. If used at temperatures ranging between +250°C and +400°C the working load limit of the sling should be considered to be reduced to 75% of its rated value.
It has been proven that a 7 strands wire rope provides maximum lifting efficiency, using a wire rope with more strands does not provide any additional advantage.

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The eye is formed by splicing the wire rope into two groups, one consisting of 3 strands and the other of 4 strands (including the core).
The furthest point to where the wire rope is spliced determines the length of the eye.

Even without swaging the Flemish Eye wire rope slings transfer approximately 70% of the breaking force to the wire rope. This is achieved only by the friction that takes place between the wire rope strands. Swaging the sleeve onto the wire further enhances this result.

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