- Cargo Trolleys

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It represents the ideal solution for moving large loads indoors. They consist of the leading part (X - 1 pc) and the follower part (Y - 2 pcs).

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The leading X part has the advantage of automatically adjusting to compensate any load unbalance and it is very stable on uneven surfaces.
The two trolleys that form the follower Y part can be positioned depending on the size of the handled load.
The rollers of the trolleys are made from special materials, having anti abrasion and pressure resisting properties, thus protecting the surface on which the loads are carried.

Attention! Work load limit displayed has to be used only for loads with mass evenly distributed front-rear and left-right. Otherwise, take care of work load limit for leading part (50% of total WLL) and each follower part (25% of total WLL).

It is forbidden to exceed work load limit for X part and for each Y part!

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