There are three types of swaging: ST (with thimble), FS (without thimble) and combined (one eye with thimble and other without).

We are using for swaging conical ferrules, made from steel or aluminium and regular ferrules, made from aluminium.


When forming a wire rope sling one should take into account that the length of the eye without a thimble (FS - soft eye) is greater than the length of an eye with a thimble (ST - hard eye).


According to the user needs and to the would-be lifted load’s weight the wire rope systems can be formed with 1, 2, 3 or 4 legs, annular (endless), plain or having various types of links and hooks attached to the ends.

All systems are provided with an identification tag which states the system identification data (Working Load Limit, number of legs, legs’ length, serial number, manufacturing date) and they are accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity.


All PROlift® wire rope slings have CE type approval and registry approval for naval use. See our certificates.

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