Chain lifting systems are the most suitable systems for handling various loads in hard working conditions and many times they are preferred over wire rope slings systems. They are resistant to cutting and abrasion and their rated lifting capacities are maintained at high working temperatures (up to 200°C) without decreasing.


However, if used above this temperature the lifting capacity is incrementally decreasing. Being manufactured of high quality steel alloy the lifting chain systems are usually made from grade 80 steel, which is considered to be the standard by the industry.

Another advantage of the chain lifting systems is the large variety of systems that can be configured and also the wide range of accessories which can be fitted to these systems, in order to create the most suitable tool for every user’s necessity.

Grade 100 chains are starting to be more widely used lately, being lighter than grade 80 chains and in addition offering extra 25% resistance for the same chain diameter.


“Safety and quality. Life is more important than price!”