The PROlift® electric chain hoists are able to handle any load lifting operations, either at a fixed location or moving on a fixed beam. For the translational movements the electric chain hoists can be fitted to special trolleys, either electrically powered or hand operated (chain equipped).
The PROlift® electric chain hoists’ main advantages:

  • They have the highest lifting speed, as well as providing the greatest power compared to similar products;
  • Equipped with heavy duty hoist motors with class H insulation according to ASME HST;
  • Standard voltage is set for 380V/50Hz; other voltages available upon request;
  • Sealed electrical enclosure;
  • They have a high working rating of 360 starts per hour;
  • Overload protection thru an advanced external slip clutch;
  • A paddle-type stroke limiter is fitted on the lifting chain to avoid lifting or lowering the load in excess of drum limitations;
  • Use of grade 80 super alloy load chain with a 6:1 safety factor;
  • Supplied with standard chain container for 10 meters of chain;
  • The single D.C. brake does not interrupt the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load;
  • The brake design also includes a manual release mechanism in case of power failure;
  • Pendent remote control, double insulated and ergonomically designed; standard 48-volt low-voltage control (24 volts optional);
  • The remote control is fitted with an emergency stop button;
  • Motorized trolley includes D.C. disc brake and control; when the trolleys come with the hoist, the standard pendent remote control comes with four buttons.

The short time rating.
This rating indicates how long the hoist can be operated continuously at its rated capacity as shown in the cycle below, assuming continuous operation for a short time span (fig. 1).

  • single speed - 60 min.
  • dual speed - 30/10 min.
    Classification: ASME HST H4, ISO-M5, FEM 2M.

The intermittent rating %ED (max. number of starts per hour).
This rating indicates the allowable ratio between the time motor is running and the time the motor is off and the number of motor starts per hour for a hoist operated continuously at 63% of its rated capacity as shown in the cycle below, assuming continuous operation or repeated starting over a long time span (fig. 2).


The CT hoist motor ratings

  • single speed: 60 % ED, 360 starts/hr;
  • double speed 40/20% ED, 120/240 starts/hr.
    Note: Intermittent rating reduced to: 240 SH 40% ED at 125% rated capacity.

Frame and housing
The load-supporting frame is an aluminum alloy (for the C 015 and C 030 type frames) or modular cast iron (for the C 050, C 060 and C 075 type frames) gravity die-casted as one piece to ensure structural integrity.
Lightweight modular design has fewer parts and it is easy to install and maintain.
The protection class is IP55 and the baked enamel painting gives the frame superior resistance to harmful environments.

Hoist brake
The disc brake mechanism has two flat-faced asbestos free brake discs with a lifespan of more than 1 million cycles.

Since the brake discs are slightly oversized this gives them a prolonged life, without frequent adjustments.
The holding brake can be manually released without any special tools to safely lower the load in case of power failure or any malfunction.

Electric panel
Our hoists are equipped with specifically chosen magnetic contactors for extra heavy-duty service and have a rated lifespan of more than 1 million cycles. The standard control power transformer operates at 48 Volts, low voltage (24 Volts optional).

The gear box
It is a Multi-Stage high performance gear train, with the gear teeth accurately machined for long life and quiet operation.
A planetary gear drive is used for the final high torque reduction, so that all forces are balanced.
Note: Permanently lubricated for life.

The push button station
It has an ergonomic design and it is also reinforced with high insulation plastic that makes it impact, weather, corrosion and fire resistant. The housing is double insulated design.
Push button switches are mechanically interlocked for additional safety.

True modular design
The hoist’s motor can be removed even with a maximum load attached to the hook. Also the chain sprocket can be removed without disassembling the gear box and the load limiting clutch can be serviced without opening the gearbox.

The hoist's motor
The motor has a squirrel-cage parallel rotor and it is designed specifically for hoisting duties. The modular design facilitates maintenance and the hoist's motor can be removed when the hoist is fully loaded for testing and replacement. Separate mounting of the motor and brake prevents excess local heat build-up. The motor housing is extruded from aluminum alloy and cooling fins with increased surface are used for maximum heat evacuation. The Class H 180 C insulation protection is supplied as standard and it protects the motor beginning from 40°C ambient temperature. The hoists are also equipped with thermal protection at 145°C and an overload protection switch embedded in the motor windings. Duty rating is 60% ED, with 360 starts per hour for the single speed three-phased hoists, equal to HMI Classification H4.
TENV and IP54 totally enclosed construction can withstand harsh environments (IP55 optional).

The limit switch
The limit switches have built-in chain guides to safely stop the load in the event of a twisted or damaged chain and will also prevent non-vertical lifting. Upper and lower limit switches can be adjusted to stop the hook in any position.

The hook
It is drop forged from steel alloy and heat-treated for strength and toughness; it will not break but open slowly when overloaded. It is also equipped with safety latch and a 360° swivel.

The load chain
Grade 80 super alloy load chain is precisely calibrated and heat-treated for long life. Its safety factor exceeds 6:1.

The chain sprocket
The alloy steel lifting sprocket is heat treated for maximum performance. The high precision machined chain sprocket has more than 5 times the lifespan of an investment cast sprocket. Advanced modular design enables the replacement of the lifting sprocket without dismantling the hoist gearbox and without the use of special tools.

The overload limit
The load-limiting clutch does not break the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load.
External access is very easy since the hoist gearbox does not have to be disassembled.


1. Standard voltage is 380V/50Hz. Motor's thermal overload protection via a thermostatic switch that is embedded in motor windings.
2. Single and double speed hoists are supplied with a regular motion two-button (up/down) and a "Red Mushroom" emergency stop button pendent remote control, 1.2 meters (4ft) power cord. The pendant remote controls for the motorized trolleys coming with the hoists are the five-buttons type, four of which control the up/down/left/right movements and the fifth being the "Red Mushroom" type emergency stop button.
3. Standard pendent remote control cable are 3 meters long; longer cables available on demand.
4. Both the hoists and the motorized trolleys are available in single or two-speed variants. In case of the double speed type the slow speed is 1/3 of the high speed (3:1 ratio).
5. The hoists can be fitted with the length of chain needed by the customer.
6. The chain bag is suitable for chain lengths up to 10 meters and it comes as standard; bigger bags for longer chains are available on demand.

“Safety and quality. Life is more important than price!”