FORUM INDUSTRY S.R.L. is a privately owned Romanian company who activates on the Romanian market since 2003 as the manufacturer of all the PROlift® products and as the holder of the PROlift® trademark.

PROlift® is the most comprehensive Romanian brand in terms of lifting systems. The products we distribute and/or manufacture are approved and certified to be used in the maritime sector, industrial production, both civil and industrial constructions.
Since its foundation the company's goal has been and will remain to ensure high-quality services according to our customer's requirements and also to the legal rules and regulations. We are convinced that we can evolve only by fulfilling the wishes of our clients. This is why we use all our available resources in order to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Our assets include the largest hydraulic swaging machine in Romania with a maximum capacity of 2.000 tons-force and a maximum swaging diameter of 102 mm (4"), 6 similar swaging machines with a maximum capacity of 300 tons-force and the largest test bench installed in Romania with a maximum capacity of 300 tons-force.

Since out of the more than 4.000 square meters of our main facility in excess of 3.500 square meters are dedicated to the storage area we can prepare and deliver most of the orders in maximum 24 hours from receiving the firm order.

A satisfied customer is a very good form of promotion. This is probably the explanation of the fact that most new clients contact us due to the recommendations of the old clients. It's something that makes us proud and at the same time makes us stay focused on maintaining the same high quality standards.


The PROlift® team, consisting of highly experienced personnel in the lifting field, will find the most suitable solution for you, always offering you safe, high-quality products, according to the operation that you want to make, all this after a complete analysis of the applicability of the product.

Once you have purchased a PROlift® product, you have joined a team of specialists well aware of the safety rules imposed on this field, as well as of the responsibility of selling of such products. Also, servicing the products is ensured by qualified PROlift® personnel with a vast experience in the field of lifting equipment.

Even if every customer is unique, we always find solutions for everybody. Therefore, we stimulate initiative and research for the solutions that better fit the requirements of our customers.

PROlift® motto: “Safety and quality. Life is more important than price!”